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Time Out Price List & Options 2024
Camper Prices, Top,.. Cargo Bottom Half...
Fred Burger "Trailers" since 1982 42 years...
Time Outs oldest dealer and also the oldest... Over 4,000 trailers sold and
dropped shipped... Including USA, Canada, Australia, Norway and Sweden...
NOTE: Will Not Ship to China... 
  • Options - Scroll Down
  • All Trailers white wheels Standard...
  • All Cargo Trailers White or Black... Color Match Not Available...
  • All Camper Trailers white or black with grey stripe.
  • All charge card sales add 4% handling fee,
  • All Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Free $125.00 crate fee on any camper trailer. In stock or ordered.
  • 5 Deluxe black in stock. your choice of wheels on deluxe. White standard.
  • 1Time Out Camper, black with white wheels.
  • 1 White Dart
  • Time Out Deluxe Camper, free crate (fee $125.00)
  • Plus shipping... Average cost is around $300.00
  • Cargo trailers, Save $70.00 plus ship & crate fee...
  • Drop ship to you or at my business...

2024 prices as listed subject to change without notice by Manufacture...

Time Out Camper & Cargo Trailers...  ~RETAIL~ Sale Price
Camping Trailers   Crate $125.00

Time Out Deluxe Camper 12" Wheels...           23 Cubic feet storage...  Most Popular


Free Crate 

Time Out Camper (the Big One) 8" Wheels   16 cubic feet storage. Small vehicle favorite... $4995.00 Free Crate
Easy Camp 8" wheels $4995.00 Free Crate
Easy Camp 12" wheels. check for avail $4895.00 Free Crate
Cargo Trailers   Plus, ship & crate fee.
Dart Original $2495.00 $2425.00
Dart -- XL-SPORT $2995.00 $2925.00
Dart -- XL-HD $2995.00 $2925.00
ION $2995.00 $2925.00
Cargo Trailers Save $70.00...   Cargo  Discount Save $70.00
. Plus Shipping and crate $125.00    
  • Shipping is to a business with loading dock or fork lift...
  • If you want it to a residence add up to $80.00 to $90.00 for lift-gate... 
  • This is the Fee Trucking Companies Charge...
  • Specials Notes:
  • Sales tax, NY State residence only.
  • All others pay tax if applicable at time of registration...
  • Canadian Orders need Broker... Note: See Home Page
  • If charge card is used add 4%... Send a check and save this fee... Must clear first, about 2 days... Sorry I can't give discount's and eat the 4% charge card companies charge merchants...


               2024 Camper Options                                                 Cargo Options scroll down 

 Fred Burger ready to take your order by phone... 845-339-3390              




Time Out  Big One  

Easy Camper
Cooler Package 395.00    395.00     395.00
Cooler Package w/lights  439.00    439.00    439.00 
Cooler Cover 99.00 99.00 99.00
Cooler Rack Kit see menu on right 229.00 229.00 229.00
Cooler Rack with 25 Quart Cooler 149.00 149.00 149.00
Cooler Rack 99.00 99.00 99.00
Adjustable Cooler Brackets 79.00 79.00 79.00
Camper Cover with Cooler 149.00 149.00 149.00
Camper Cover without cooler 119.00 119.00 119.00
Awning  249.00  249.00  249.00 
L Awning   399.00   399.00  399.00 
Screen Room 995.00 995.00  995.00 
Luggage Bag 40"x26X12" n/a n/a  n/a
Cushions & Bag n/a n/a n/a
Folding table. (Map table N/A) Included Included 149.00
Chair Included Included 19.00
Tripod for previous post map table. 99.00      
Cane Bolt Kits.- Camper lid assist. Included 2023 99.00 99.00 99.00
12" Chrome Wheels with Trailer 189.00 n/a n/a
12" Chrome Wheels 219.00 n/a n/a
12" Aluminum Wheels with Trailer 299.00 n/a n/a
12" Aluminum Wheels Pair 339.00 n/a n/a
12" Spare Tire & white wheel  99.00  n/a n/a
8" Spare Tire & white wheel n/a 79.00 79.00
Spare Tire Carrier included 39.00 39.00
8" Chrome Wheels None available n/a n/a
Hub Caps - Baby Moons n/a 49.00  49.00 
Hub Caps - spoke  n/a 55.00  55.00 
Hub Caps - Eagle n/a 55.00 55.00
Hub Caps for 12" Trailer Wheels None Available    
A/C Stand 129.00 129.00 n/a
Light Bar. Black or white...  299.00   299.00  299.00 
Electric Brakes   895.00    895.00  895.00 
Swivel Coupler See swivel below, (red) 199.00  199.00  199.00 
#1 Bolt hole 2 1/4" center. Shelby, Fulton, Buyer Be sure to order correct swivel  size or name.  
#2 Bolt hole 2 1/2" center.  Dulton and Lansing #1 is on all Time Out trailers    
#3 Trailers with 3" tongue like Harbor Freight cost  $219.00    
Coupler Lock 25.00  25.00  25.00 
Bearing Buddies 25.00 25.00 25.00
Tongue Cover, Chrome. couple left 75.00 75.00 75.00
Harley Davidson Bike Wiring Kit 59.00 59.00 59.00
Relay Wiring Kits. Need all bike info Prices Vary See Chart Below
LED Rear Light Set replacement - Red only. Incudes 4 lights and black housing 199.00 199.00 199.00
Options... Campers Deluxe    Time Out    Big One East Camp
 Standard Colors are Black or White with grey stripe... Or no stripes...
A $100.00 packaging fee is charged plus freight on all shipped trailers. 
                                                                                      Time Out Cargo Trailer Options...  
  All have 12" Wheels... Color Match Not Available




Roof Rack    99.00     n/a
Trim Package    89.00     n/a
Bearing Buddies / EZ Lube with Center Cap    25.00    25.00
Chrome Wheels with Trailer ... Ion chrome N/A 5 lug    189.00   189.00
Chrome Wheels Pair... Dart and XL available. 4 lug    219.00  
Aluminum Wheels with Trailer    299.00   299.00
Aluminum Wheels Pair     339.00   339.00
Spare Tire Carrier    39.00      n/a
Spare Tire White Wheel    99.00    99.00
Enclosed Cooler (n/a available for Ion Trailer)    399.00     n/a
Open Cooler (n/a for Ion Trailer)    359.00     n/a
Cooler Cover    89.00     89.00
Cooler Rack Kit (see menu button on right)    229.00    229.00
Cooler Rack with 25 Quart Cooler    149.00   149.00
Cooler Rack    99.00     99.00
Adjustable Cooler Brackets    79.00    79.00.
Trailer Cover    109.00   109.00
Trailer Bra (Ion is $89.00)    79.00       89.00
Fender Bra  (n/a for Ion)    69.00     n/a
Chrome Lid Handle    39.00     39.00
Coupler Lock    25.00     25.00
Swivel Coupler... See Notes Below   Time Out Trailer Couplers is #1       
            #1 ~ Bolt Holes 2 1/4 center. Shelby, Fulton and Buyer    199.00  
            #2 ~ Bolt Holes 2 1/2 center Dulton and Lancing    199.00  
            #3 ~ Trailers with 3" Channel Tongue like Harbor Freight     235.00  
Harley wire adapter plug and play    55.00  
Relay wire Harness see next chart down    
Other Time Out Options Available    
Oblong LED Lights 6" each L    20.00  
Replacement LED camper lights each LED    n/a  
Rear Brake LED Light    29.00  
Side Marker LED Lights red or yellow each    15.00  
Gas Lid Struts    59.00  
Replacement Barrel Locks  for Cycle Mate Trailers each    45.00  
T Lock Handle Kit    95.00  
Dexter Torsion Axle    359.00  

Trailers add shipping apx. $230.00 East Coast $290.00 West coast. Shipping cost changes weekly because of fuel constantly changing..

  • Color match trailers from Time Out are no longer available. You can get trailer primed when order instead of black or white. This saves the painter time in prepping for color match.

Trailer Relay Isolation Packages

 Diagram below.

  • Our trailer relay isolation packages easily and properly connect and isolate your trailers electrical load from the motorcycles factory wiring, fuses, relays, computers and electronics.
  • The act of simply tapping extra lights into your bike can cause damage; blown fuses, burn out relays or worse.
  • These units have Omron micro-relays in an epoxy potted housing for weather resistance.
  • Main power and ground come from the battery.
  • In order to make a complete harness kit, you must order the 30-PO76660 Relay Package, and one sub-harness listed below...
Trailer Relay Isolation Packages
   COST     Item No.                                      Product Discription
 $105.00  30-PO7660  Isolation Package... Must Be Ordered With Items Below
 $145.00  H-D 5 wire kit   Complete Trailer Wire Kit for 1997 + Harley & a trailer with 5 wires
 $155.00  H-D 4 wire kit   Complete Trailer Wire Kit for 1997 + Harley & a trailer with 4 wires 
 $120.00  Universal 5-wire kit   Complete Trailer Wire Harness Kit for all other bikes with 5 wire trailer
 $130.00  Universal 4-wire kit   Complete Trailer Wire Harness Kit for all other bikes with 4-wire trailer. 
 $180.00  1997+ H-D 4 or 5 wire kit  Removable converter for Harley either 4 or 5 wire trailer. Good if you have both a 4 and 5  wire trailer.
 $165.00  Universal 4 or 5 wire kit  Removeable converter for all other bikes. Good if you have both 4 and 5 wire trailer.
 $40.00  30-PO7664  4 Wire Converter. Requires trailer Relay Isolation Package and a sub-harness.
 $115.00  30-PO7665 Isolator/Converter Combo for trailers with 4-wire trailers 
 $45.00  30-PO7661  1997+ Harley Trailer Relay Sub-harness. Requires trailer relay isolation package for use. 
 $20.00  30-PO7663   Universal Trailer Relay Sub-harness. Requires trailer relay isolation package for use.
 $49.00  H-D P&P Harley adapter. Unplug rear lights under seat connect the H-D P&P in line. Has 5 wires coming out with in-line butt splice ready for 5-wire trailer supplied trailer plug.


Complete wiring harness kits contain everything you should need.

  1. On 5-wire kits you will need to supply the plug that matches your trailer.
  2. On 4-wire kits there is a flat 4 connector already attached.

*Roof Rack... sizes available...

  • Dart roof rack 23 wide x 24 long has 3 separate strips in center.
  • Slip Stream rack 23 wide x 40 long with 3 separate strips in center.
  • Cycle mate rack 33 wide x 33 long.


Discontinued Trailers... Following trailers: CM-1000, CM-2000, CM-LTD, Wind Raider, HRT, Slipstream, Zephyr, XL-1500, Egg, Blade and Aerodyne are no longer available. No fault of theirs...

** Both open and enclosed cooler must be purchased with trailer... Can not be added after purchase... Needs "A" Style tongue... If not ordered with trailer than trailer comes with a straight tongue... Adjustable cooler brackets and cooler rack combination can be added to it...

Shipping is to a terminal, business with loading dock or fork lift...If you want it to a residence add up to $90.00 for lift-gate that purchaser pay's... This is the Fee Trucking Companies Charge

All orders must be placed over phone... Karen, Teresa or Fred Burger are the only ones who will take your order... 99% of the time questions will be asked and this is why we have done it this way successfully since 1982... We want you, the customer, to be sure you get your product correct the first time, on time, every time...

I take checks at my business with photo of buyer and driver's license as advised by NY State Police... Any bounced check I will issue a warrant for your arrest. Been there done that... Twice... Cash always good and charge cards... Pay-Pal offers time payment financing... I don't finance...

When a trailer is purchased from us, you will receive a certificate of origin issued to me from the manufacture and a bill of sale... These two papers you will take to receive a trailer plate...

Canada customers will also get two other papers for their requirements and will also need a brokerage company... Any trailer shipped past USA borders need a brokerage company on receiving end...

New York State Sales Tax I collect on residence only. All other States, if applicable, taxes paid at time of registration

See wiring menu button for all combinations of how to wire and trouble shooting.


Thank You and see you on the next page...            Fred Burger...        



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